Let the medical system come to you

Our systems and applications aim to bring the medical system to you, saving you time and money by providing real-time medical recommendations and advice.

Widespread adoption of smartphones will equip our increasingly aging society to self-cater for its medical needs by using modern telemedical systems.

In providing treatment to patients wherever they are and

whenever it is needed, telemedical systems have the capacity to decrease health care costs while still improving the quality of patient care.

Our systems use modern software to combine enhanced sensor technology with self-learning algorithms, allowing patients to diagnose diseases and critical conditions with their smartphones.

Modern Technologies for your Health

Three components build a system, that can help patients, caregivers and loved ones dealing with the challenges when living with chronic conditions

Devices with wireless interfaces enable patients to easily track their vitals (e.g. blood glucose, blood pressure, weight etc.) on a daily basis without the cumbersome task of maintaining a written diary.


Data from smart devices is wirelessly and automatically sent and recorded in a smartphone app. In the app patients can also add information such as medication, meals and activities as well as view their progress.


The backend system and its connected web portal allows patients and authorized caregivers to analyze and visualize all data depending on their specific needs. It can also send notifications and recommendations.

A world-leading technology platform

The BodyTel system is based on modern and future-proof internet technology utilizing advanced technologies such as document-based databases and biological neural networks. This enables us to not only integrate multiple sensors capable of capturing diagnostic information for additional diseases but also to improve our system by analyzing incoming data and other usage information.

Our team has developed the underlying technology for the BodyTel system over the past three years, with the BodyTel system already deployed to customers in Germany, providing assistance for patients and their carers.

Our team has also created a powerful platform for skin disease diagnosis, known as the My-Lifespot system. This system operates by requiring patients to take a picture of their skin condition using their smartphone, no physical contact is required. As high resolution cameras are now commonly installed on smartphones the My-Lifespot system can operate without requiring additional hardware.

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