Digital technology for better healthcare

The Company operates within the digital health sector and is focused on developing and commercialising medical diagnostic and monitoring technology, which includes the BodyTel system and the My-Lifespot system (Lifespot Business).

Our systems and applications are smartphone-based and easy to use. They are less costly than visiting a doctor and can also save time for patients and medical staff.

We bring the medical system to you.

Digital healthcare for skin diseases

Lifespot Health is developing digital healthcare solutions to assist doctors and empower patients to diagnose and manage skin diseases.

The team has created a powerful platform for skin disease diagnosis and management which only requires patients to take a picture of their skin condition, without requiring any physical contact. With the high quality camera resolution of smartphones, the platform can operate without the need for additional hardware.

Digital monitoring for chronic diseases

The BodyTel System is a system that facilitates the management of chronic diseases and assists with the measurement of key vital functions and indicators of these diseases (including, but not limited to blood glucose, blood pressure and weight levels) as well as assisting with the monitoring of prescribed therapies for chronic diseases (including medication dosages, diets and levels of physical activity).