The BodyTel system is based on modern and future-proof internet technology utilizing advanced technologies such as document-based databases and biological neural networks.

This enables us to not only integrate multiple sensors capable of capturing diagnostic information for additional diseases but also to improve our system by analyzing incoming data and other usage information.

Our team has developed the underlying technology for the BodyTel system over the past three years, with the BodyTel system already deployed to customers around the world, providing assistance for patients and their carers.


The BodyTel System involves several components.

The BodyTel App

(BodyTel Mobile)

This is the mobile application that connects medical measuring equipment to mobile devices (such as smartphones), which allows users to wirelessly transmit diagnostic data to the BodyTel Backend. The BodyTel App is capable of receiving automatic responses from the BodyTel Backend and distributing such responses to the user.

The BodyTel Backend

(headless server)

All data transmitted from the BodyTel App is received and stored in a dedicated data cloud backend system. If requested, the data can be automatically analysed e.g. through rule engines (Big Data) for the various user groups (patients, monitored patients, Medical professionals, etc.)

The BodyTel Webportal

The BodyTel Webportal is a web portal developed by BodyTel for use with the BodyTel App. The BodyTel Webportal is able to analyse medical diagnostic information that is captured by the BodyTel Sensor or any other medical measurement device and transmitted via the BodyTel App, to provide a diagnostic recommendation.

BodyTel System

Similar to the BodyTel App, users of the BodyTel System can access the BodyTel Webportal to view a ‘diary’ containing their measurement information and diagnostic recommendations. Users are also able to manually record further information, including diet routines, exercise regimes and medication dosages; using the ‘diary’ function of the BodyTel Webportal

Medihale® Inhalers are designed to provide patients with a simple to use device for the delivery of Medical Cannabis e-liquids.

The Medihale® pods are sealed and tamper resistant to prevent illicit suppliers refilling pods with low grade e-liquids that may contain unknown and potentially dangerous additives. Our Medihale® pods help secure the Medical Cannabis supply chain to help make sure patients receive the high quality Medical Cannabis e-liquids from our certified supply chain partners that they expect and nothing else.

The Medihale® pods are also interchangeable, so patients are able to switch between pods containing different Medical Cannabis e-liquid formulations (eg switch between a CBD pod and a CBD/THC pod) to achieve different therapeutic outcomes.

The Medihale® Protective Charging Case even comes with a space designed to carry an additional Medihale® pod as well as a space to stop and charge your Medihale Inhaler device!

So you can not only carry your Medihale® Inhaler in style but also keep it fully charged whilst you are out living your busy life.

Both the Medihale®Inhaler and the Protective Charging Case are designed to be discrete, light weight and compact, with smooth edges and a high quality finish that allows them to be easily and comfortably carried in your pocket without sharp edges to catch on material or dig into you!

So you can not only carry your Medihale® Inhaler in style but also keep it fully charged whilst you are out living your busy life.

The Medihale®Inhaler is also simple to use, just insert the pod into the top of the Medihale®Inhaler device, place the mouthpiece between your lips and inhale! The device is breath activated, so there are no buttons to push. The Medihale®Inhaler is automatically charged when returned to the Protective Charging Case. Pods can be interchanged on the Medihale®Inhaler device at anytime. The Medihale®Inhaler can also be charged via a USB charging cable and the Protective Charging case can also be charged via its own USB charging cable, both are included in the Medihale® Starter Kit Pro.

Cannabis Vaporisers

Medihale® will be the first vaporiser based on Bluetooth 4.0 compatibility with medical THC or CBD (Tetrahydrocannabinol, cannabidiol) in combination with monitoring software and biometric scanning security.

The first blue-tooth enabled medical regulatory approved vaporizer & health platform designed for the use of medical cannabis. The devices allow for individual controlled treatment with maximum safety for the patient.

  • Track & Measure progress
  • Safety for the patient
  • Safety for the doctor
  • Monitoring software
  • Fingerprint system
  • Certified CE